Top Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging With Wordpress 

The past several decades after the proliferation of blogging platforms has seen many of those come and go. But Wordpress has stood the test of time to be the most preferred platform both seasoned and aspiring bloggers run for all their blogging needs. Wordpress has undergone the tweaks and turns over the years since its inception, growing from a simple CMS to a ubiquitous Content Management System that is on ever bloggers lips. If you are thinking about how to start a blog, no doubt Wordpress has got you sorted as the best possible platform for your needs. Here are some of the top benefits that have got everyone coming back to Wordpress. You'll want to check out the top blogs online for inspiration. 

Wordpress is Search engine-friendly 

Gone are the days when people would create websites and blogs and start impending codes to trick the search engine bots and have them visiting your new blog. Wordpress comes fully search engine optimised thanks to the constant code that comes fully embedded. This means that you are guaranteed of getting indexed by Google once you develop your blog with Wordpress. Further, you can easily customise all the SEO components of individual blog posts, giving you full control over how you want the posts to get ranked in the search engines. 


If you thought that you have to sell your soul just so you can afford to create a blog, you might want to think otherwise thanks to WordPress. So user-friendly is Wordpress that even a newbie who has never developed a website or blog before can quickly put it up in seconds. The fact that it comes fully loaded with all the customizable plugins means as long as you understand basic instructions you are easy to go. Further, maintenance and regular updates are relatively cheap, something you can do it quickly at the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Gone are the days when people wrote content and forwarded to web designers to have them update the content for them. As long as you have the login details of your WordPress platform, you can quickly do it for free. You can view here for useful ino.

Social Media Integration

At a time and age when social media plays a significant role in boosting the relevance and rankings of blogs, you can bet WordPress will help catapult you to the top blogs online when you integrate social networks. This integration means you do not have to log in to any of your social networks and let your followers know when you post new content. All you need to do is ensure you update your content on a regular basis, and the traffic will start flowing from the social networks. Here are 10 quick tips for potential bloggers: