How to Start a Blog

A blog is an informal website where one can post his/her ideas, hobbies and experiences. A person who posts regularly on a blog is known as a blogger. Blogging has a lot of benefits. In case you have an interest in writing, a blog is the best place to share your thoughts. Blogging is today used as a way of earning income. There are people who work from their home as full-time bloggers. A blog will assist you in reaching and attracting clients for your business at a low cost. We shall look at the steps of starting your own blog in this article. You'll want to read the full blog for useful info. 

First, decide on what you will be blogging about. The best thing to write about is an area of your interest. In case you love traveling, please write about travel and tourism. You will have rich content about a field you enjoy most. Then, look for something which has a lot of content you can write about. Do not forget to choose an area which has few bloggers. You can click here for more useful information. 

The second step is to find a host for your WordPress blog. WordPress is simply a software you can install on your computer but will not make your blog accessible on the internet. Please look for a good host to host your blog on the internet. Different hosting companies have different payment plans, therefore, you should pick your best plan.

The third step is to choose a domain name. The web address is the domain name. In order to attract a lot of online visitors, you should pick a precise and catchy domain name. You can use a domain name generator to get a good domain name.

The fourth step is to start working with WordPress. Login to WordPress and start creating your blog. Your domain will not be working immediately since it takes 2-24 hours to fully register a domain. Once the domain is successfully registered, Bluehost will switch your blog automatically. 

The fifth step is to design your blog. Before blogging, the following settings are very important. You should change your permalinks and your username from "Admin". Then, activate your domain by completing the activation process. Changing the domain from HTTP to HTTPS should be done for security reasons. 

The sixth and the last step is to start blogging with WordPress. In order to get the skills and knowledge in blogging, you can look for the top blogs online, WordPress tutorials and videos. The next thing is to write about interesting stories and experiences day-in-day-out.

These are the steps that should be followed in order to have a perfect WordPress blog. Here are 7 blogging tops you'll want to consider following: